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Set in an 1890 neoclassical house, Franca Scala takes its name after the neighborhood, called like that since the 1400s, when Venetians lived on Paros.

Sitting at the restaurant balcony, it is easy to let yourself loose and travel back in those times – looking over the narrow streets, the churches & old houses.

After your dinner, loose yourself in the maze of the old town streets, to combine a delicious dinner with a walk ‘back in time’.

Franca Scala

Paros, one of the most important islands in the Aegean has been inhabited since 4000 BC. The first settlements in the area of the “kastro” appear around 2000 BC. At the hill of the ancient Acropolis the main temple of the town was erected, dedicated to the patron godess Athena. From 145 BC it was part of the Roman and later Byzantine Empire. During the first yeas of Christianity Paros is flourishing as indicated by the Ekatontapyliani church and other Justinian buildings around the island. 1207 is the beginning of the Frankish rule, when the Aegean Ducat is established under Marcos Sanoudos who occupies the Cyclades islands. In 1260 the Venetians constructed the “Kastro” on Parikia hill and in 1537 the island is under Turkish occupation,.

The area around us, a Frankish  neighbourhood, is named Franca Scala  the name we’ve chosen for our restaurant, thus honouring our island, the island of Ekatontapyliani, of Archilohos , of marble that despite all the occupations remained through the ages a beacon of culture and civilization.