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Franca Scala Restaurant is a manor house which was build back in 1890 in the centre of Parikia`s old Market Street .It was renovated and converted into a grand neoclassical building which combines minimality with finesse.

On its romantic and much sought-after balcony our guests can enjoy an exquisite dinner while shoaling up the atmosphere of the traditional market by observing the goings-on in the streets below. At the same time, in the tranquil interior one may organize a dinner party or celebration of a special occasion in the private dining area.

Our Mediterranean Greek menu inspired by local recipes uses locally produced ingredients and olive oil from our olive graves. Our traditional dishes bear the signature of our chef and proprietor of the establishment, who is very experienced and renounced for his love of sea food.

Last but not least, our interior decoration boasts an interesting exhibition of paintings organized in collaboration with Medusa Art Gallery as well as a permanent show of painting by Eleni Zouni which greatly enhances the artistic atmosphere of our space.

A classical piano completes our interior decoration and accompanies our evenings with its melodies on most days.